A renewed, re-energized
& radiant you!



During a juice cleanse, your body will receive a dense dose of vitamins and nutrients, these will help to curb those unwanted cravings and also provide an increase in energy.


Mental Clarity

Drinking raw juice can eliminate mind fog, making you feel light and clear.


Following the TJC Cleanse guidelines will allow you to easily meet your hydration needs. Keep in mind, you will be drinking plenty of water between each juice, creating a natural glow and keeping your blood healthy and clean.



You will be amazed at how much free time you have when do not need to meal plan. This creates more time for you to do the things you WANT to do.


Your digestive tract is constantly digesting solid foods. By drinking easy to assimilate, nutrient dense juice, you will be giving your digestive organs a much needed rest.



Although this shouldn’t be your ultimate goal when cleansing, it is definitely an added bonus.

Frest Start

Cleansing brings with it a sense of renewal. Press the reset button, start over, leave the past behind. NOW is the perfect time to break bad habits, and create new, healthier ones.


Your Anchor

It is something you can come back to whenever you feel the need to reset, renew, or recharge.