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The low Down

You came here for a reason.
We can help! Get the low down
on cleansing.


Cleansing is a
liquid feast!

A regular diet is replaced with raw cold-pressed nutrient dense fruit and vegetable juices. This means no solids foods for a short period of time. Flooding the body with a high volume of easily assimilated, nutrient dense juice, will aid the body in a detoxification process. The digestive system, will be granted a much needed break from daily operations of processing toxins, solid foods, and other components of your diet that take a lot of energy to break down or flush out. This will allow the body the opportunity to focus its energy on healing and restoring.




We must eliminate our toxic buildup

On a regular basis, most of us consume high sugar acidic, highly processed, imbalanced diets, while ignoring those healthy fruits and vegetables. Cleansing is a way of clearing the toxins from your system and hitting reset. This not go good type of consumption, creates a tremendous amount of chaos to the body. The body is incredibly powerful and is designed to rid themselves of everyday toxins (chemicals, GMOs, stress hormones, processed foods, additives) that build up inside. Our elimination organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, intestines) work hard to move these toxins out of the body each day and in turn begin to achieve balance within us. Introducing nutrient dense, alkalizing cold-pressed juice or foods that require minimal work from the digestive system, the body is then able to put more energy towards supporting the body in its detoxification process. This makes it easier and more efficient for the bodies to remove toxins from within restore the body to its proper, working order. 


Mood Swings - Weight Gain - Irritability - Allergies
Fatigue - Trouble Sleeping - Poor Concentration


Cleanse Types

What Cleanse is right
for you?

Select a cleanse type and length that suits your mood and schedule. Whether you’re a rookie or a juicing all-star, we make cleansing luscious and convenient. Not sure where to begin? We recommend starting at square one which is our 3-Day 1st Base Cleanse. This is perfect for first-timers because it offers the most fruit based juice vs. green/vegetable juice to start you off slow. Want more choices? Talk to us and we will find something that works for you.

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Before, During & After

Ease in, don’t overdo it,
and stay calm!



It’s good to ease into a cleanse. Don’t eat foods that your body has a hard time digesting, such as: processed foods, animal proteins, gluten, coffee, alcohol and sugar. Load up on fresh veggies and fruit a few days before you start your cleanse. Water is a crucial to a successful cleanse so drink up! It helps ease dry skin, irregularity and more.

We advocate the following:  Drink herbal tea or warm water with lemon upon rising or one of our detox waters, make sure you are drinking at least two litres of filtered water per day and ditching the caffeine.


Congratulations! You’ve officially started your cleanse, and you’re taking in the benefits from cold pressed juicing. Keep the following in mind to help your body flow and eliminate. Keep on drinking at least eight glasses of water per day and 8 hours of sleep!

Feeling irritable? Uncomfortable? Stay Calm! While your digestive system is receiving all the goodies from juice, your body is adjusting to the clean goodies you’re installing and it’s eliminating all the junk.



Ease out of your cleanse in the same way that you eased into it. Keep processed and refined foods, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and meat out of your diet for at least the first few days (or as long as possible), and making vegetables, fruit, whole grains and nuts a priority.

The first few meals after your cleanse should be small, like a fruit/vegetable smoothie for breakfast, a light salad or soup for lunch, and steamed veggies with some healthy grains for dinner. Take this as a great opportunity to get rid of old habits and start fresh!

Are you having some
trouble eliminating? Go deep!

Baths, Saunas or Steams
Our skin is the largest organ of elimination. Adding in a relaxing bath, sauna, or steam during your cleanse will help release toxins. Adding epsom salts to your bath will help draw toxins out of your body.

Dry Brushing
Before showering, brush all over your body in a circular direction to give your body a gentle exfoliation.

Light exercise such as: yoga, walking, swimming, stretching will all help release toxins through the lymphatic system. Listen to your body, and be mindful not to overexert yourself.

Spa Treatment
A deep tissue massage, facial, body scrub, or herbal body wrap are all beneficial to help your efforts in flushing toxins. Remember to drink plenty of fluids before and after your treatment.

Colon Hydrotherapy
Colonics are an effective way to assist in removing toxic waste by cleaning the entire length of the colon and removing waste from the large intestine.


A renewed, re-energized
& radiant you!



During a juice cleanse, your body will receive a dense dose of vitamins and nutrients, these will help to curb those unwanted cravings and also provide an increase in energy.


Mental Clarity

Drinking raw juice can eliminate mind fog, making you feel light and clear.


Following the TJC Cleanse guidelines will allow you to easily meet your hydration needs. Keep in mind, you will be drinking plenty of water between each juice, creating a natural glow and keeping your blood healthy and clean.



You will be amazed at how much free time you have when do not need to meal plan. This creates more time for you to do the things you WANT to do.


Your digestive tract is constantly digesting solid foods. By drinking easy to assimilate, nutrient dense juice, you will be giving your digestive organs a much needed rest.



Although this shouldn’t be your ultimate goal when cleansing, it is definitely an added bonus.

Fresh Start

Cleansing brings with it a sense of renewal. Press the reset button, start over, leave the past behind. NOW is the perfect time to break bad habits, and create new, healthier ones.


Your Anchor

It is something you can come back to whenever you feel the need to reset, renew, or recharge.

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Pickup or Delivery?

Whatever is most
convenient for you!



Our juices are made fresh on the day of your cleanse delivery or pick up. Please keep juices refrigerated until consumption. If you have any issues with your juice, please do not consume and notify us immediately. Our juice is unpasteurized and have a short shelf life of 3-4 days.


We understand that life “happens”. If you are unavailable to receive your cleanse on your start date chosen, we do require 24 hours notice to either postpone your cleanse or refund your purchase. Please contact us directly for any other questions you may have 306.954.1104

Saskatoon Delivery

Deliveries are available Monday-Friday. Please ensure someone is home to receive your order or notify us for any special requests or instructions. An extra fee will be added for our delivery service.

Within Saskatoon: $5.00 fee
Outside Saskatoon: $10.00 fee (Martinsville & Warman)

Saskatoon Cleanse Pickup

Our 20th Street location offers a pick-up option 7 days a week.


Other valuable info!


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