First Base

Designed for the first timers new to juice cleansing, trust us, it won’t be disappointing! This cleanse goes down easy and has a nice balance of fruit & vegetables. It’s sweet, but still alkalizing and will help you kickstart healthy eating habits.

A day supply of the Beginner program includes:

Royal Flush, Redhead, Clean Greens, Hot Shot, Know Your Roots & Vanilla Almond Mylk


Second Base

You’ve tried first base and it left you wanting more! This cleanse is for those who already incorporate juice into their daily routine and are committed to a healthy diet. A mixture of greens and roots with some sweetness will leave your body feeling replenished.

A day supply of the Intermediate program includes:

Royal Flush, Rejuvenate, Garden Veggies, Hot Shot, Clean Greens & Vanilla Almond Mylk

Third Base

Reach extra satisfaction with 3rd! This is for the cleansing veterans. Designed to turn you green from the inside out, restore alkaline balance, and dig deep enough to excavate all those cheat days. You’ll feel brand spanking new!

A day supply of the Advanced program includes:

Royal Flush, Hot Shot, Clean Greens, Garden Veggies, Royal Flush & Vanilla Almond Mylk