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We believe in simplicity, less is more, that goes for your food too! 



Grow Flourish Thrive

We were founded on the belief that "thriving" is our universal birthright. We believe that health should never be compromised for convenience. In today's busy world, we understand that maintaining your overall well-being can be tough. We're here to help simplify, and in turn, save you time and energy, leaving more time for things you want to do!



The Seed of Life.

Our Logo, the Seed of Life, is based upon sacred geometry, and symbolizes the seven days in which life was created. Just as all great ideas start with a seed of intent, Thrive Juice Co. began in the same way. Juicing is a small but important step towards optimal health. It is our intention to create radical change towards health and well-being in the world one small step at a time.


Thrive Values

To Live By





Less is More!

We believe in simplicity, less is more - that goes for your food too. For over a decade, we have succumb to over-processed and preserved foods, which hold little to no nutrients and do no good for our bodies. We have been planted here in efforts to revert such ways and get back to our roots of natural, simple foods.



Thoughts Become Things

There are many aspects to wellness. You may eat well and exercise your body, however, you do not feel optimal. Our mental and emotional health are just as important as our physical. At Thrive, we hold a very holistic view on health and wellness. We offer many community yoga and meditation classes in hopes of creating more ease and less stress in the lives of many.



We’re involved in our Community

We’re involved in our community and are proud to support the practice of sustainable, local & organic farming. We are currently, interested in working with more local farmers year round. Is this you or someone you know? Do you need compost? Contact us at


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